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You Me & Duffy

Hey everyone! We are just three friends that know a little about a lot and everything about nothing! We thought we have some pretty interesting conversations so why not throw them online and let other people inside our worlds?! We want to include you! Come join the conversation and send us an AMA or a topic you want to hear us talk about. There is very little, if anything, that we won't talk about!

Nov 19, 2017

Episode 48 brings us news of a new Super Mario Movie, Activision/Blizzard being sued, the iPhone X, and some news about Fear the Walking Dead and American Horror Story. We are also joined in the studio by our friend, The Great Gamsby! He supplied the AMA that really bled into our main topic. This week we chat about badass video game characters!

Check out the Secret of the Booze YouTube page to find out how to make the drink of the week! This week was, The Baby Groot! It was delicious!

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